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Instructor Led Training Online

  • Thrift Savings Plan Courses: CSRS/FERS and MILITARY
  • Benefit Management Courses CSRS/FERS


Remote Training Delivery

Avoid missed classes due to mission requirements, remote locations, temporary duty, or other scheduling conflicts.
Training is delivered to employees when convenient.

Cost effective

Provide access to training for more employees.

Eliminate employee travel to training locations.

Work at your own pace

Take up to one full calendar year to complete a course.

Avoid information overload caused by the quantity of information presented during classroom training.

Interactive training makes learning fun and easy.

Training modules are presented by the same expert instructors who have completed hundreds of on-site retirement planning and tsp courses.

Individually tailored

Focus on specific training modules by subject and by topic with areas of specialty such as retirement eligibility or spousal benefits.

Allows time to expand on concepts and explore a broader range of course materials by avoiding time constraints of on-site classes.

Information is specific to each person’s situation whereas on-site training must cover topics to suit all class participants.

Share with spouses/partners

Couples complete training together as their schedules allow.

Information learned doesn’t have to be relayed to spouse or partner at home.

Questions from both can be addressed immediately.


NEW Interactive Web Based Courses

NEW Interactive Web Based TSP and Financial Literacy course offered along with our existing FERS and CSRS Retirement Courses.


Credentialed Experts

All of our instructors and consultants are specialists as licensed, credentialed experts in their field and many are part of the federal retirement system themselves.


On-site or On-line Training

How2Benefit offers fully customizable, on-site or on-line benefit and retirement planning programs for federal employees at competitive prices.


Uniformed Service Courses

Let your command and family services office learn HOW2Benefit from our Uniformed Services TSP and Financial Readiness Course.